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The road can take its toll on your vehicle. Then again, so can that shopping cart in the parking lot of your local supermarket. It happens. Sooner or later, your vehicle gets dented by any number of mishaps that occur over the life of your vehicle. They can add up, ultimately diminishing the look of your vehicle. Fast, complete repair gets you back on the road with minimal tie-up of your vehicle. More convenient and less time-consuming than traditional body shop repair methods

You can only purchase DentCare at the time of vehicle purchase and only from the dealer that sells the vehicle. DentCare is not available in all 50 states.

What is DentCare?

  • With Ford Protect DentCARE, you don't have to accept dents and dings − there is a solution.
  • The Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process removes minor dents and dings without harming the vehicle's factory finish
  • Certified repair technicians remove minor dents and dings by utilizing specialized tools to flex or manipulate metal back to its original form
  • Covered repairs require no deductible and can be made at your selling Dealer, home or work; for your convenience and satisfaction, repairs are completed while you wait
  • Eligible on new and used vehicles
  • Up to 8 years of coverage
  • No limit on eligible claim benefits


Covers the removal of dents and dings no larger than 4 inches within an accessible area located on a body panel of the covered vehicle. Excludes vehicles that utilize 100% plastic, fiberglass or other non-metal composite body panels.

A positive return on your investment:

  • May protect your vehicle's value when it is time to sell or trade
  • May reduce any lease turn-in charges
  • Transferable to the next owner, potentially adding to resale value (transfer fee applies)
  • Cancellable − Yes (fees vary by state)
  • Service Locations − Honored at any Ford or Lincoln dealer throughout the United States and Canada. Repairs can also be made at customer's home or office
  • No Mileage Limitations − Covers minor dents and dings for the duration of the contract