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Protect Your Corsair Against Whatever Lies Ahead!

Your adventure has just begun. Lincoln Protect will offer you with the confidence you need to be well–prepared for the trip ahead. Coverage of the greatest quality to provide a service experience free of problems. The greatest degree of security possible, should you ever need it. Determine which plan best meets your needs, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're protected. After your New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires, Lincoln Protect will continue to pay for covered repairs caused by regular, everyday use. This will ensure that your Lincoln Corsair ownership is absolutely stress and worry–free.

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Let the People Who Built Your Corsair Take Care of Your Corsair

With modern technology, it is difficult to repair automobiles. Lincoln Protect is intimately familiar with your Corsair, and only Lincoln trained personnel and Lincoln approved components are used to repair Lincoln automobiles. A single repair expense for your Corsair might potentially surpass the cost of a Lincoln Protect extended warranty. It's clear that Lincoln Protect can quickly pay for itself!

Lincoln Protect Corsair coverage

Investment Required for the Right Equipment!

Independent repair shops typically don't invest more than $300,000 in the required tools and equipment to service Lincoln vehicles ‐ let alone all the other brands they service. Lincoln Protect has the right equipment to repair your Lincoln Corsair the right way.

Understanding Advanced Technology!

Did you know that there is more technology in your Lincoln Corsair today than what was sent to the moon in Apollo 11? Lincoln Protect covers today's and tommorrow's technology.

Protecting You from Inflation!

Vehicle repair prices will rise in the future ... but by how much? Rising labor and parts costs, taxes and other expenses always get passed on to the consumer. Lincoln Protect can save on unexpected covered repairs down the road.

Fix It Right the First Time!

  • Lincoln Senior Master Technicians complete more than 500 hours of Lincoln‐specific training.
  • Dealership technicians attend more than one million hours of technical training annually.
  • The average Lincoln dealership invests more than 250 hours (31 days) in technician training each year.
  • Lincoln Protect has the right people to repair your Lincoln Corsair the right way.
Lincoln Protect added benefits

Coverage From The Company That Built Your Lincoln Corsair!

There are many extended warranty companies that say that they offer an extended warranty for a Lincoln, but there is only one that is from Ford, covered by Ford, backed by Ford and good at every Ford & Lincoln dealer in the country and that is Lincoln Protect. There is no better coverage, available anywhere for your Lincoln Corsair, than Lincoln Protect.

America´s Top Online Seller!

Because we provide our customers a fantastic bargain in addition to exceptional customer care both during and after the transaction, we have risen to the position of being the leading online supplier of the official Lincoln Extended Service Plans. Our hardworking, well-informed, and polite staff is appreciative of each and every customer that they have the opportunity to serve, and we eagerly anticipate having the opportunity to earn your business.

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