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Frequently Asked Questions About Ford Warranties. Find The Answers Here. Below you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Ford Protect. If you don't find the answer to your question here, click here to send your questions to our customer support department.

Purchase Questions

Am I able to buy a Ford Protect for my vehicle from you if I didn't buy the vehicle from you?
Yes, as long as your vehicle meets the eligibility criteria we can sell you a plan regardless of where you purchased the vehicle. Presently, plans are available for vehicles from model year 2004 or newer, as long as the current odometer reading is less than 140,000 miles.
Why are the plan prices I find on this website so much lower than I was quoted locally?
Since we offer the genuine Ford Protect coverage nationwide, and have been doing so online since 2002, we are able to sell at a lower price because of the volume of sales we achieve. Our business model was to offer online shoppers the official genuine Ford Protect products at a great value, so they would not have to settle for a lesser online plan offered by a third party company.
Are the Extended Service Plans offered on this website backed by Ford?
Yes, these are official genuine Ford Protect plans backed by the vehicle manufacturer Ford Motor Company. Only a franchised Ford dealer is authorized to sell the official Ford Protect coverage and Lombard Ford, Inc. has been doing so since our inception in 1982 and our online sales began in 2002.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, we offer 0% financing with no additional cost to you. Ford Protect and Budco Financial Services have teamed up to create a no-interest financing plan.
  • Interest-free payments
  • No credit application
  • No credit checks
  • No waiting for credit approval
  • As little as 10% down payment
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Flexible payment options:
    • Direct debit to checking/savings account
    • Automatic monthly charge to your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express
    • Monthly Invoice
  • Online payments available
If I choose to finance a plan, can I view my account online?
Yes, all Ford Installment Payment Plan customers are encouraged to create a user profile at The account can then be managed online, allowing consumers to modify payment methods, access account details, and update personal information.
Will I be able to access my coverage through the FordPass app?
FordPass, the official app for Ford vehicle owners, allows you to access various features and information about your vehicle. While Ford Protect plans do not appear on Ford's website, they can be visible in the FordPass app. By ensuring the name on your Ford Protect contract matches your FordPass profile, you can view your coverage details directly in the app.

General Questions

What is the difference between the factory Ford warranty and Ford Protect?
There are several warranties with various time and mileage coverage that come with the purchase of a new vehicle. These warranties provide comprehensive product coverage against defects in workmanship or materials by the manufacturer at no cost to the consumer. A Ford Protect is a vehicle service contract purchased by the consumer which provides additional protection of stated components that goes beyond the manufacturer's warranty period extending coverage up to a specific time and mileage duration.
Why are vehicle service contracts (VSC) referred to as extended warranties?
To clarify, a warranty comes with the vehicle from the manufacturer at no additional cost to the consumer, whereas a vehicle service contract is an agreement for repair coverage protection which a consumer purchases separately for the vehicle. Even though it is not accurate, the phrase "extended warranty" has become a term used by consumers and those within the VSC industry more so to aid in the understanding of what the product does, than what it is.
Why should I buy a Ford Protect plan if I am still covered by the factory warranty?
Here are several reasons to consider. First, the price of a plan will be less when the purchase of coverage is made within the first 12 months or 12,000 miles of the vehicle's warranty period. Second, buying early locks in today's price which protects you from future plan price increases. Furthermore there are many benefits that come with the purchase of a Ford Protect plan which are not covered by the factory warranty. Although new Ford and Lincoln vehicles come with Roadside Assistance benefits for the duration of the factory powertrain warranty period such as towing, lock-out assistance, flat tire changes, battery jump starts, and out of fuel assistance. In addition to those same benefits, a Ford Protect plan also provides rental car reimbursement, destination assistance, and emergency travel expense reimbursement.

Questions About Coverage

When does the Ford Protect coverage begin and end?
That will depend upon which type of Ford Protect coverage you purchase. Ford Protect offers New Protect plan terms and Used Protect plan terms of protection.

The New Protect plans are for vehicles that are still within the basic factory warranty period of 3 years / 36,000 miles on Ford or Mercury vehicles and 4 years / 50,000 miles on Lincoln vehicles. The New Protect plan begins from the original warranty start date of the vehicle and zero miles and expires on that date 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years in the future or at the mileage distance selected for the plan whichever comes first.

The Used Protect plans are for vehicles that are already beyond the basic factory warranty period of 3 years / 36,000 miles on Ford or Mercury vehicles and 4 years / 50,000 miles on Lincoln vehicles. The Used Protect plan begins on the date of plan purchase and expires on that date 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 years in the future or at the expiration distance of the plan which is determined by adding the Protect plan mileage term to the odometer reading on the date of plan purchase.
Where do I take my vehicle to receive the service of my plan coverage?
All Ford or Lincoln dealerships in the U.S. and in Canada honor the Ford Protect coverage. You just contact the local Ford dealership when you need service repairs and they will verify your coverage by entering your vehicle's identification number (VIN) in the Ford OASIS database. If your vehicle is inoperable you should contact Roadside Assistance and they will assist you.
I use my vehicle as a for-hire ride share, is this considered Commercial Use?
The answer to this question is yes. Here is how Ford Protect defines it.

Commercial Use - In order for "Commercial Use" vehicles to be eligible for Ford/Lincoln Protect coverage, the appropriate box must be checked on the Ford and Lincoln Protect Service Contract Application form.

A vehicle is employed in a "Commercial Use" and subject to applicable surcharge if:

  • it is used primarily for business purposes, or for government purposes, including by an individual or multiple drivers of any government agency or municipality;
  • it is used in a farm, delivery, or construction business;
  • it is designated by the selling Dealer as a vehicle for "Commercial Use" when the sale is reported to the vehicle's manufacturer.
  • it is used as for-hire car transportation (i.e. ride share) and food delivery mobile apps, including but not limited to, Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, etc., are vehicles used for Commercial Use and subject to applicable surcharge.

Will my Ford Protect plan be void if I install aftermarket parts and accessories?
The issue regarding modifications done to a vehicle that is still covered by the new vehicle warranty or a Ford Protect plan is best understood by reading the statement below:

What is not covered by this agreement - Repairs caused by...
  • alterations or modifications of the Vehicle, including the body, chassis, or components, after the Vehicle leaves the control of the manufacturer
  • tampering with the emissions systems or with the other parts that affect these systems ( as for example, but not limited to; exhaust and intake systems)
  • the installation or use of any part not approved by, or authorized by, the Vehicle's manufacturer ( other than "certified" emission parts), or any part designated for "off - road use only" installed after the Vehicle leaves the manufacturer's control. Examples of such parts include, but are not limited to: lift kits, oversized tires, roll bars, cellular phones, alarm systems, automatic starting systems and performance - enhancing powertrain components.
The warranty is not voided per se, but a repair claim would be denied.
What if I have a breakdown and there is no Ford dealer in the area?
If your vehicle is a Ford or Mercury, call 1-800-392-3673 to find the nearest Ford dealer. If your vehicle is a Lincoln, call 1-800-521-4140 to find the nearest Lincoln dealer. If all local Ford or Lincoln dealerships within a 25 mile radius are closed you may use other repair or service facilities, but they must call 1-800-321-7790 to obtain a repair authorization before the work is performed.

Questions About Maintenance

Do I have to do all my routine maintenance at the Ford dealer?
You are required to maintain your vehicle as recommended by Ford Motor Company in the owners manual to keep your coverage in effect and be able to show proper documentation of it if requested, but the maintenance is not required to be done at a Ford dealership. However, when you regularly perform your routine maintenance at the local Ford dealership you will have a well documented vehicle maintenance record available for review if ever required.
Can I change my own oil?
Yes, you can change your own oil and filter if you desire. Just be sure the oil and filter you use meets the proper specifications as outlined by Ford Motor Company in the vehicle owners manual and be sure to keep a well documented log book and all receipts that show proof of maintenance.
Do I need to show proof of maintenance each time I need a repair?
No. Ford Protect is not like many of the Third Party VSC companies that require you to show all maintenance records each time you file a repair claim. Ford Protect does have the right and may request to see the vehicle maintenance records if a repair claim looks like the failure may be the result of a lack of maintenance.

Questions About Certified (CPO) Vehicles

If I buy a Ford or Lincoln Certified vehicle, can I buy the Protect upgrade plan from you?
Yes, indeed and we provide significant savings on Ford Protect CPO upgrade plans as well. In fact program enhancements as of October 22nd, 2022, now offer a maximum coverage period up to 11 years from the original factory warranty start date or 175,000 miles whichever occurs first. We will be glad to discuss all your options, find you a plan that best fits your needs and provide you a money saving quote. Call us today toll free at 1-866-379-7095.
Does a Ford CPO plan need to be purchased at the time I purchase the vehicle?
No, that is not true. You are able to upgrade the coverage any time within the CPO warranty period. However, if you purchase your upgrade after you've gone beyond the free 12 month or 12,000 mile CPO Premium Care coverage period, then the vehicle will require an inspection before the coverage sale can be completed and the plan registered. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about the process.
On your website are all the plans and prices the same for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles?
Our online plan pricing is for New Protect or Used Protect coverage. Although some plan terms may be similar, not all plan terms are available for CPO upgrade. It is best to give us a toll free call at 1-866-379-7095, if you are interested in exploring all your options.
What is Ford Blue Advantage?
Ford Blue Advantage is the new program name replacing the Ford Certified Pre-Owned Program. It offers Gold Certified used vehicles and Blue Certified used vehicles with limited warranty periods for Ford vehicles and many other brands of used vehicles sold by a Ford dealership.
What's the difference between Gold Certified and Blue Certified used vehicles?
Only a used Ford vehicle, current model year plus 5 previous model years with less than 80,000 miles on the odometer, is eligible to be a Gold Certified used vehicle. It undergoes a 172 point inspection process and comes with a 12-month / 12,000-mile (whichever comes first) Comprehensive Limited Warranty coverage and a 7-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty (whichever comes first from original warranty start date and zero miles) where a $100.00 deductible applies per visit.
Blue Certified used vehicle can be a Ford or eligible non-Ford brand model, current model year plus 9 previous model years with less than 120,000 miles on the odometer. It undergoes a 139 point vehicle inspection and comes with a 90 day / 4,000 mile (whichever comes first) Comprehensive Limited Warranty coverage where a $100.00 deductible applies per visit.
Does a Ford Blue Advantage Gold Certified vehicle qualify for additional coverage?
Yes, a Gold Certified used vehicle is eligible for an upgrade to a maximum of 11 years / 140,000 miles from original warranty start date and zero miles, without the need of a vehicle inspection, if the upgrade is done prior to the 12 month / 12,000 mile Comprehensive Limited Warranty expiration.
Does a Ford Blue Advantage Blue Certified vehicle qualify for additional coverage?
Yes, a Blue Certified used vehicle is eligible for additional Ford Protect Protect coverage up to a maximum of 6 years / + 75,000 additional miles, if the odometer has less than 60,000 miles at time of Protect plan purchase. A vehicle inspection is not required, if the purchase is made during the 90 day / 4,000 mile Comprehensive Limited Warranty period. We only offer the coverage to eligible Ford / Mercury models.

Questions About Inspections

Does my vehicle require an inspection before I can purchase a Ford Protect plan?
Your vehicle will only require an inspection if it is beyond the basic factory warranty period of 3 years / 36,000 miles for Ford / Mercury vehicles or 4 years / 50,000 miles for Lincoln vehicles.
Where do I go to get the vehicle inspection performed?
When you purchase your Used Ford Protect coverage from us we have the inspector come to you. We arrange for an inspector to call you to schedule an appointment for the inspection which usually takes about one hour to perform at your home, place of work or mutual location.

Questions About California

Are California residents restricted from purchasing online?
California regulations state that California residents cannot purchase online. Ford owners from California can only purchase a vehicle service contract from a California licensed car dealer.

Ford will not allow us to register coverage to anyone that uses a California address.
Can I purchase Ford Protect directly from the Ford Motor Company?
Unfortunately, since the Ford Motor Company is not a licensed California car dealer, they cannot sell directly to consumers.
If I also have a home in another state, can I register Ford Protect there?
Many people from California may have a home outside the state of California and can purchase a coverage using that address.
My dealer doesn't offer Ford Protect, how do I get factory backed coverage?
If your local dealer chooses not to offer Ford Protect, you could call other Ford dealers in the area and purchase from them.
If I purchase outside the state of California, will I have trouble using it in California?
Even if, you may have purchased Ford Protect coverage outside of California, you will have a protection plan that will be honored at any Ford or Lincoln dealership in the U.S. and Canada.

Questions About Florida

Are Florida residents restricted from purchasing online?
Florida residents can purchase from any Ford dealer that is licensed to sell in Florida by the State of Florida, but coverage must purchased at the State published retail rates. We are licensed to sell in Florida (License #: E192188). You can look up our license here:
If I am from Florida, but also have a home in another state, can I register my Protect there?
Snowbirds, military personnel and others may have a home outside of Florida and can purchase a plan using their other address.
My dealer is trying to sell me coverage from another company, can I buy from you?
Do not let your dealer make you think that you do not have choices. You can purchase a Genuine Ford Protect from us.
If I purchase coverage from you, will I have trouble using it in Florida?
If you purchase a Ford Protect coverage from us, you will receive a contract based on the terms and conditions of Florida laws and regulations. You will have a protection plan that will be honored at any Ford or Lincoln dealership in the U.S. and Canada.

Questions About Canada

Will my Ford Protect plan cover me if I am traveling in Canada?
Yes, all Ford Protect plans such as Premium Care, Extracare, Basecare, Powertraincare and Diesel Enginecare are honored at Ford and Lincoln dealerships throughout Canada.
What if I move to Canada will I still have all the benefits of my coverage?
Yes, even if you re-locate to Ontario, Canada or any other Canadian province your Ford Protect extended warranty will be honored.
Can a Canadian resident buy a genuine Ford Protect from you?
Yes, but only if the following condition applies. Canadian residents that also have a U.S. residence can purchase a U.S. Ford Protect plan, however, the plan must be registered to the U.S. address. To be eligible the vehicle must still be covered by the Bumper to Bumper New Vehicle factory warranty (U.S. warranty period applies). Please call 1-866-379-7095 or contact us here for details.

Questions About Transfers & Cancellations

What do I need to do to transfer coverage to a new owner?
A complete guide to transferring contracts can be seen here: How to transfer a Ford Protect contract
How can I get a refund if I cancel my contract?
You will need to contact the dealership that sold you the contract. They will guide you through the process.
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