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Brand Migration From Ford ESP To Ford Protect

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Ford Protect Extended Service Plan

Ford Customer Service Division is excited to announce the evolution of the Extended Service Plan (ESP) brand. Effective October 2, 2015, the Ford ESP brand will become Ford Protect Extended Service Plan.

While the brand name is changing, you can be confident that what has made the ESP brand the best in the industry will remain consistent.
This brand evolution will better align our collective businesses under the Go Further and One Ford Plan. We are confident that the new Ford Protect brand will help us exceed our collective goals of increasing Ford Protect Extended Service Plan sales, while at the same time, continuing to excel in customer retention and satisfaction. As part of Ford's global brand, Ford Protect is a program that has been performing in other countries for more than 15 years. Its implementation has been gradual, according to each geographical area, in order to be available for the entire dealer's network by the end of this year.

The Ford ESP Brand.

For over 40 years, Ford has made extended warranties available to Ford owners under their Ford ESP brand. Ford ESP is a name well recognized by owners of Ford vehicles. It has been the only manufacturer backed coverage offered from the Ford Motor Company. The creation of the Ford Protect brand will better clarify to the consumer the numerous product offerings Ford has brought under one umbrella, so to say, that will help consumers care for and protect their vehicle investment.

Ford Protection

Lombard Ford - The Online Sales Leader.

Lombard Ford, a provider of Ford ESP, is eager to see this branding change as it better defines the innovative accomplishments and enhancements that Ford Motor Company has become known for with its vehicle protection products. Ford now offers the consumer a complete package of protection through the Ford Protect brand that includes plan coverage for mechanical repairs, scheduled maintenance, tire-wheel-dent-windshield care, and SurfaceCare.


You can purchase Ford ESP quickly and easily from the comfort of your home!

We Offer Ford Protect For Older Vehicles!

We understand that even older vehicles deserve the best protection. That's why we offer Ford Protect plans specifically designed for older models. Whether you've just purchased a used vehicle or you're looking to extend the life of your current vehicle, there's a Ford Protect plan that's perfect for your needs. Even if Ford no longer builds your model, we have options available to ensure that you can still enjoy the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage. With our Ford Protect plans, you can drive with confidence knowing that you're protected from unexpected repairs and costly breakdowns. Don't let the age of your vehicle hold you back – choose Ford Protect and get the most out of your investment.There may be a Ford Protect plan perfect for your needs, even if Ford no longers builds your model. Choose one of these models: C-Max, Crown Victoria, Excursion, Fiesta, Flex , Focus, Freestar, Fusion , Sport Trac, Taurus.

We Also Offer Lincoln Protect For Lincoln Vehicles!

W also offer Lincoln Protect for Lincoln vehicles, which is comparable to Ford Protect. Lincoln Protect provides comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for owners of Lincoln vehicles, offering protection against unexpected repair costs and ensuring that your vehicle stays in top condition. With a range of plans to choose from, including extended service plans and maintenance plans, Lincoln Protect allows you to customize your coverage to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for added security or enhanced maintenance services, Lincoln Protect has you covered. Trust in the quality and reliability of Lincoln vehicles, backed by the assurance of Lincoln Protect. Lincoln Protect offers plans custom tailored to suit the needs of Lincoln owners. Choose one of these models: Aviator, Corsair, Mark LT, MKS, MKT, MKX, MKZ, Navigator, Towncar.

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