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October 14, 2021 | by: Support

What is a Commercial vehicle?

A vehicle is employed in a Commercial Use if: (a) it is used primarily for business or government purposes, including by an individual or multiple drivers of any government agency or municipality; (b) it is used in a farm, delivery, or construction business; (c) it is designated by the selling Dealer as a vehicle sold for Commercial Use when the sale is reported to the vehicle's manufacturer. Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles reported sold with delivery codes: "3", "4", "6", "7", "D", "E", "H", "L", "M", "S", "T", and "#" are vehicles sold for Commercial Use. When selling Ford Protect, the commercial surcharge will be automatically included on these vehicles.

  • Note: For SurfaceCARE, Commercial Use shall refer to any vehicle that is used primarily for business or government purposes, or by an individual or multiple drivers of any government agency or municipality or is designated by the Dealer as a vehicle sold for Commercial Use.

Dealer-Installed Accessories

Ford Authorized accessories are covered by Ford Protect. Ford licensed accessories ARE NOT covered by Ford Protect unless the following conditions are met:

  • The accessory is verified to be GFA or FLA
  • The accessory was purchased from a Ford/Lincoln Dealer
  • The accessory was installed by a Ford/Lincoln Dealer (or sublet by the dealer)
  • The component is covered under the terms of the active contract.

What is considered an Electric Vehicle?

Also referred to as an electric drive vehicle, uses one or more electric motors for propulsion. They are propelled by an electric motor (or motors) powered by rechargeable battery packs. Electric drive vehicles are eligible for Ford Protect Electric Premium Maintenance Plan coverage. These vehicles are not eligible for gas, diesel or hybrid Premium Maintenance Plan coverage.

Emergency (Ambulance/Fire/Police - except Ford Police)

The following vehicles must be assessed the SPECIALTY surcharge:

  • Vehicles used in patrol or high-speed pursuit applications (not applicable to Ford Police)
    Note: Vehicles intended for normal municipal fleet use (non-patrol or pursuit applications), but are categorized or equipped as emergency vehicles (i.e., prisoner transports, pool vehicles, fire inspector, fire chief units, etc.) are eligible for all plans. For these vehicle types, only a Commercial Use surcharge needs to be applied.
  • If the vehicle is an ambulance or EMS unit, you must determine applicable coverage based on the vehicle VIN. Is the unit manufactured as an Incomplete vehicle (the first three VIN positions would be 1FC, 1FD, 1F6 and 3FR)
    • If yes, sell the Cab & Chassis/Cutaway (Incomplete) vehicle plans
    • If no, was the unit manufactured with a 47A package?
      • If yes, sell the plans on pages 9-12 and include the SPECIALTY surcharge
      • If no, sell the plans on pages 9-12, the surcharge is not required

Incomplete Vehicles

Incomplete vehicles are manufactured to support additional modification. In many instances, these vehicles are known as cutaways, chassis cabs, stake trucks, cherry pickers, and dump trucks, to name a few. Ford Motor Company manufacturers these vehicles with unique vehicle identification number (VIN) designations.

On Ford products, these vehicles will have a VIN that starts with one of the following designations. These vehicles ARE ONLY ELIGIBLE for the Cab & Chassis/Cutaway (Incomplete) vehicle plans:

  • 1FC Ford Motor Company, USA Basic (Stripped) Chassis
  • 1F6 Detroit Chassis LLC, USA Basic (Stripped) Chassis
  • 2L1 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd. Incomplete Vehicle - Limousine
  • 2LJ Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd. Incomplete Vehicle - Hearse
  • 1FD Ford Motor Company, USA Incomplete Vehicle
  • 3FR Blue Diamond Truck S. De R.L. De C.V. Incomplete Vehicle
  • 5LD Ford Motor Company, USA Incomplete Vehicle - Limousine
  • 1FB Ford Motor Company, USA Bus

Note: Some E-Series vehicles are built with Incomplete VIN designations. These vehicles have Body Codes E1B, E1E, E2E, E3B, E3E, S1E, S2E, S3B and S3E and ARE NOT considered Incomplete vehicles.

Interior/Exterior Lighting

Provides repair or replacement for electrical failures on incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, High Intensity Discharge (HID) and LED lamp assemblies on New, Used, LeaseCARE, Ford Blue Advantage - Gold, Ford Blue Advantage - Blue and Lincoln CPO PremiumCARE plans only.

Key Services

Provides for the replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed keys of the vehicle on which the contract was sold, up to $500 annually. (Note: defective keys are covered under PremiumCARE only.)


Any vehicle used or operated by a company in their "for hire" transportation or funeral business.

Pick-up and Delivery Option

This option is available on New PremiumCARE, CPO PremiumCARE, LeaseCARE, Premium Maintenance and Extra Maintenance Coverages on eligible vehicles with a covered Failure under this Agreement; the Manufacturer's Limited Warranty; or a Ford Motor Company Powertrain, Safety, Emissions coverage or recall/customer satisfaction program. If You elected the Pickup & Delivery Option You must contact your selling dealership for pickup and delivery. Your vehicle location must be within a 20 mile radius of Your selling dealer to be eligible for coverage. Pickup & Delivery excludes non-covered repairs, Scheduled Maintenance Services (covered if purchased with Premium Maintenance or Extra Maintenance), car washes, detailing, lease or vehicle returns or First Day Rental benefits (unless this option is included). Note: This option is not available on our website.

Rental Benefits

All New and Used Ford Protect plans come with up to 10 days of rental coverage per eligible repair. In order to qualify for the rental benefits, the vehicle must be kept overnight by the servicing dealership for a covered repair, rendered inoperable, or down due to a parts delay. Rental benefits may include reimbursement for receipted expenses for a rental car or for alternate public transportation, including but not limited to Uber, Lyft, or other modes of public transportation. Receipted expenses for alternate transportation cannot exceed the amount that would have been paid for a rental vehicle under the plan and apply to the total amount of rental reimbursement under the plan. If you rent a vehicle, it must be from a Ford or Lincoln dealership or other commercial agency.

  • First-Day Rental Benefit - provides immediate rental coverage for covered repairs
  • Enhanced Rental Benefit - provides an upgraded rental benefit, providing coverage of up to $60/day for up to 10 days (not eligible on Aviator, MKT and Navigator)


The SPECIALTY surcharge must be included with Ford Protect coverage sold on any Transit or E- or F-Series vehicle built with one of the following packages:

  • 47S (school bus package)
  • 47B (shuttle bus package)
  • 47J (multifunction school bus)

However, shuttles can be produced from a variety of chassis configurations. If the intended use is a shuttle, then the Specialty Surcharge must be assessed regardless of body or type of package.


Vehicles modified or intended for taxi service, regardless of whether or not they use a mileage meter, ARE NOT eligible for any Ford Protect coverage.

Warranty Start Date (WSD)

The date the vehicle is originally put into service, sometimes referred to as the In-Service Date. This can differ from the actual retail sales date.

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