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August 23, 2019 | by: Support

What rental car benefits come with my Ford Protect ESP plan?

All Ford Protect core plans, which are Premiumcare, Extracare, Basecare and Powertraincare, come with rental reimbursement benefits up to $35.00 per day, when the vehicle has to be kept overnight to complete a covered failure .rental options The maximum number of rental days is up to 10 days per occurrence.

However, there are two additional rental options that may be included with a core plan. They are the First Day / Drop Off and the Enhanced Rental options. The First Day / Drop Off Rental option will provide up to $35.00 per day in rental reimbursement when your vehicle is in the Ford dealer for a covered failure which is completed the same day. The Enhanced Rental option changes the daily maximum rental reimbursement amount on the plan coverage from up to $35.00 per day to a maximum of up to $60.00 per day.

Should I always include First Day / Drop Off and Enhanced Rental options in my coverage?

You should consider adding First Day / Drop Off Rental option to your protection plan if:
  • You always need to have transportation available to you and you do not have another vehicle for that purpose
  • You're unable to get a ride home or to work for a day when your vehicle is in the Ford / Lincoln dealership for repair
  • You live a long distance from a Ford dealership
You should consider adding the Enhanced Rental option to your protection plan if:
  • The daily vehicle rental rates in your local area are significantly higher than $35.00 a day
  • Your transportation needs require a larger vehicle because of family size or type of vehicle usage

Your Rental Options In A Nutshell

  Ford - Max Daily Lincoln - Max Daily Max Days First Day Extra Charge
Basic Benefits $35 $45 10 No No
First-Day Rental $35 $45 10 Yes Yes
Enhanced Benefits $60 $60 10 Yes Yes

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