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June 22, 2022 | by: Support

How do I cancel my Ford or Lincoln Protect coverage?

You can cancel a Ford extended warranty; if you sell your vehicle privately; traded it in; it was stolen or becomes a total loss as deemed by an insurance company. Any refund due will come from the selling dealer.

A Ford Protect contract should always be cancelled with the Ford or Lincoln dealership where it was purchased.
If the vehicle was sold, traded, stolen or totaled more than 90 days ago a dealership is not allowed to process the cancellation electronically online and must submit the required documentation to Ford / Lincoln Protect for them to cancel your Ford Protect contract.

What documentation is needed to cancel a Ford Protect contract?

The following documentation may be requested by the Ford/Lincoln dealer for processing:

  • Customer's name (first and last)
  • Customer's current phone number and address, including ZIP code
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Odometer statement or odometer reading
  • Cancellation effective date
  • Copy of the original application for contract
  • Proof of payment for the contract/verification of price
  • Other senarios:
    • Stolen vehicle – copy of insurance payoff report or request from the lienholder stating reason (a police report is not sufficient)
    • Vehicle totaled – copy of insurance settlement papers or request from the lienholder stating reason (a police report is not sufficient)

What if the Ford Protect was part of your vehicle loan?

If the vehicle note has not been paid off, any cancellation refund due will go to the listed lienholder. If the vehicle note has been paid off, then a release of lien will be needed. If you trade your vehicle in towards another vehicle, you can use the Retail Installment Agreement as proof of lien payoff. The date and trade in mileage will be used as the cancellation date and the cancellation mileage.

What if the Ford Protect was financed using Budco?

If the Ford Protect contract was financed through Budco Financial Services and the loan amount hasn't yet been paid in full, the dealership will still can can cancel your Ford extended warranty, but any refund due will be sent to Budco. Budco will refund the customer directly, less any balance due on the loan.

How much will I get back if I cancel my Ford Protect contract?

Refunds are calculated by determining the value of the remaining months or remaining miles left on the contract. The lesser of these two values will be the refund, less any cancellation fee (typically $75). Refund calculations are performed by Ford Protect Headquarters, not the dealer. The dealer can give you an estimate.

What if I purchased Ford Protect from Lombard Ford?

We make cancelling Ford Protect or Ford ESP easy! Just give us a call to start the process. Any supporting documents we may need can be emailed to us. In fact, since you purchased from us, you can apply your cancellation refund amount instantly toward the purchase of Ford Protect coverage for your replacement vehicle, be it a new model or pre-owned model, and then just pay the remaining balance.

Note: Transferred Ford Protect contracts are not eligible for cancellation and refund.

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