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Why Ford Protect?

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Investment Required for the Right Equipment.

  • Independent repair shops typically don't invest more than $300,000 in the required tools and equipment to service Ford Motor Company vehicles - let alone all the other brands they service. Ford Protect has the right equipment to repair your vehicle the right way.

Protecting You from Inflation.

  • Vehicle repair prices will rise in the future ... but by how much? Rising labor and parts costs, taxes and other expenses always get passed on to the consumer. Ford Protect locks in your future covered repair costs.

Fix It Right the First Time.

  • Ford Senior Master Technicians complete more than 500 hours of Ford-specific training.
  • Dealership technicians attend more than one million hours of technical training annually.
  • The average Ford and Lincoln dealership invests more than 250 hours (31 days) in technician training each year. Ford Protect has the right people to repair your vehicle the right way.

Understanding Advanced Technology.

  • Did you know that there is more technology in your Ford vehicle today than what was sent to the moon in Apollo 11? Ford Protect covers today's and future technology.


The failure of covered components due to normal wear & tear, mechanical breakdowns, and repairs caused by defective workmanship or material of covered components are included. With a little care, your quality-built vehicle can last for years. Keep it working as it should and help retain its resale value by maintaining your vehicle's protection.


To be sure you're getting a Ford backed Extended Service Plan, look for the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury logos on the contract materials. Never hesitate to ask if it's a genuine Ford ESP plan. If it isn't, be sure to inquire about Ford ESP; your best value! You can browse Ford ESP plans and their benefits, gain instant pricing for your vehicle, and now you can purchase online here at our site for the quickest coverage!


There is no shortage of extended service contracts on the market. In fact, not all extended service plans offered at Ford and Lincoln Dealerships are genuine Ford brand ESP. Many independent plans appear to be similar, but in reality are quite different. Compare the difference:

Ford Backed? Yes No
Covers Related Damage? Yes Some
One Deductible Per Repair Visit? Yes Some
Covers Wear and Tear Failures? Yes Some
Requires Genuine Ford Parts? Yes No
Honored at over 4000 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury Dealers Yes No

A Great Value In The Service Contract Industry

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